What types of vertical gardens can We build?

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A vertical garden is only as good as you make it.

Green Wall

A classic, ageless trend adds beauty and mysticism to its environment. It’s probably where the idea of vertical gardening originated. This basically entails covering your entire house structure with plantations, or you can keep it limited to one wall or area. Basically, having wall crawlers or ivy growing over your house with wines and leaves. This is more of an aesthetic design, but one that could be customized with different flowers and plants to stand out as a unique and creative method. You don’t have to go with the traditional at all.


If you’re not into an ivy look and want your plants to be more manageable, using pockets might help. These are essential, pocket-shape pots that can be attached to walls. Since they’re pots, you can easily remove them from your walls and trim them according to your desired look. Use as many or few as you like — there’s no limit. Heck, people have built office walls using pocket plants alone attached to a simple structure. Not to mention you can add a bit of colour using the pockets themselves. Pockets can be commercially bought or made at home using boxes, containers, bags; you name it! It’s a highly flexible way of creating a garden. Again, this might be something you might consider for its aesthetic purposes, though you could still grow a few vegetables or fruits if you employ the right techniques.

Tiered Garden

This is a great method for flowers and organic produce alike. In fact, if you want to home-grow foods like rice, this might be the best option to use. By tier-ing up your garden into layers, you’ll achieve more space and be able to separate soil for different uses. You can use different size containers or buy premade tiered gardens. Not to mention, it makes your garden look great with minimal effort from your end.

Gutter Garden

Ever seen plants being grown on horizontal slabs all positioned in a vertical formation? That’s what gutter gardens are. You line horizontal slabs, vertically, and either uses small pots or create a space between those horizontal slabs and fill it in with soil and seeds. These small gardens are great for indoor and outdoor use, and you can even grow a few produce items if you’d like. This is quite a flexible method in itself and can be adjusted to utilize the spaces you already have available. It’s also easy to manage and water. The slab can be used to add its own pop of colour into the mix and help with the overall look of your garden.

Pallet Garden

Have some pallet or pallet shaped box lying around? Turn it into a makeshift gutter garden, place it on the ground for a more traditional looking garden or convert a few pieces into a box to utilize the resources you have available. Not only is this cost-effective, but it’s also kind of traditional and gives off a beautiful look by itself. Trellis Gardens Get a little traditional by using a trellis to support your plants. Trellis are wooden structures that seem woven into patterns. Even though it’s traditionally used for vines, using the techniques of vertical gardening, you can expand the usage you gain from it. Customize it as you want and if you’re really committed, you can add an arc or even make it your home’s entranceway to brighten up your home.

PVC Pipe Garden

Another makeshift garden can be created using simple PVC pipes. This is perfect for growing berries or bushy plants. What you need to do is simple; just drill holes into a PVC pipe. Plant the pipe in a vertical position and fill it up with soil and seeds. As the plant sprouts, it’ll grow outward and form a bush around the PVC pipe, and you’ll have a perfectly straight bush that looks pleasing and yields some tasty goodies.

Pot garden

Last but not least, we have pots. No need to stick to the traditional, you can add a twist to this traditional container and prop them up on your walls or hang them closely together to give off a more appealing and garden-like look.



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