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I will try to be as short as possible, without any bullshit techniques, I have seen paid youtube reports trying to explain how to watermark a video, or 20 pages of explanations on how to upload a video on youtube, that’s lame.

I will not include here simple things like how to download videos from youtube, how to watermark them, or how to upload videos to youtube. If you feel that you need help with these ones, please ask and I will do my best to help you out.

Gaining views to your video

Titles do play an important role here!!!😱

For example:-

Importance of Titles:

Make money online — very bad title

Make ₹100,000 online — it is better

How I made ₹100 000 online — it is even better

How I made ₹101 437online in just 2 weeks — I would say this is the best

Sexy girl — very bad title

Sexy girl stripping — better

Sexy girl stripping for you — even better

Sexy girl stripping in front of a policeman — I would say this is the best!!!

Keep in mind: do not use generic terms or generic numbers for a title, since that would not be credible. Use more exact details and people will pay more attention. Other catchy phrases: Oh my god, THIS is insane, the WORST signer ever, usually demand attention from the user. Be sure to include capitalization in your title, but not a full title written in caps letters. Just highlight the most important ones.

You can also use misleading titles: For instance, you upload a trailer, but say:

“See the FULL movie here” People will enter to see the video like crazy.

Or, let’s say you have a simply sexy strip video: You use phrases like the one mentioned above: “Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen” even if your video maybe just a simple strip one. The idea is to make the visitors watch the video. Later in the report, you will see how you can benefit from it.😈

Importance of Tags: Write as many tags until they will tell you that you have reached the maximum number of characters possible. Simple as that. You can search for an existing video according to your niche/video over the youtube and here you can use the Tags used by others. So this will give you an idea that how you can shuffle good tags to get your video go viral which will produce more and more views for you.

Importance of Description: The first thing your description should contain your URL with http://www in front of him Then press enter 4–5 times. A shitload of text here, take one of those keyword research tools that generate results on an input keyword and copy-paste plenty of text here. So far, a youtube search engine is based on descriptions but it does not penalize word spam so to speak. This will drastically improve your rankings in the youtube search engine.

Importance of Video Thumbnail: At youtube, the thumbnail is just the picture from exactly the middle of the video. Pay attention to this, a bad thumbnail can spoil your video. On the other hand, there are people who got thousands of views just from the fact that they used a misleading but appealing picture in the middle of the video, which appeared as their thumbnail.

Be the first to upload: One of the secrets of gaining youtube views is to be the first one to upload a potential viral video. For instance, be the first one to upload a new trailer of a movie or of a game. Be the first one to upload the highlights from champion leagues. Be the first one to upload the latest celebrities’ spoofs. Try to take new videos from other websites and upload them fast to youtube💪

Use the youtube search feature and choose to rank the videos by the most recent uploaded. There you can see potential gem videos. Take them and reupload them and use proper tags descriptions and titles to make them viral and surpass the original video.

You can use the same method but on another website: see the most recent uploaded videos and reupload them at youtube with proper tags.

What I do. I search youtube for new sexy videos, when I see something good I download them and reupload them using extremely well-defined tags, titles, and descriptions. After this, I go back and flag the originally uploaded video from different accounts as being adult and breaking youtube TOS. Youtube removes that video and there is plenty of space for me to gain the views. Another trick from here: Have an established youtube account, old and with plenty of views. This way, if you upload a shady video, your account is not going to get banned, just the video will be removed.

If a new account uploads an adult video and is flagged, youtube tends to ban the account as well not only the video. If an established account uploads an adult video and is flagged, the video is removed, but the account is not deleted. Another benefit of established youtube accounts is that you appear more often on related videos, or more videos by this user, and you get more exposure.

How to get honors on youtube?

I have seen recently this only technique being sold for 19$. It is very simple and can be made in 2 different ways:

The first one is to purchase software on the market that auto comments and auto rates on your video. Tube Automator, or Tubeinator as I remember where doing this. You may want to check out in the forum for these scripts as well. You will get plenty of comments and 5-star rates on your video, so your video is going to be honored as the most voted and the most discussed within its category.

The second one is too make multiple accounts and comment and rate your video manually. This might sound very hard, but the reality is that you need very less comments and stars to get featured as many people do not bother with this. It is useful sometimes as it can give your video straight thumbs up, but it is not an earth shaker.

How to convert viewers into visitors:

There are several facts that need to be kept in mind

-First one: Make use of the TOS restrictions in order to drive traffic to your website. For instance, youtube videos forbid video content. You can just take a soft video, and at the end of the video, say: “Youtube TOS forbids us from showing more. Please visit our site to see more”

This is REALLY a killer, you will get plenty of traffic using it. Most of the users are looking for adult videos on youtube, but they can not find them. When you will display such a message, be sure they will become your visitors. You will learn more about how to monetize the traffic and this kind of traffic later on in the report.

or, another example: upload a trailer of a movie, this is legally, and at the end say: “In order to see the full movie online, visit”. You will later learn how to monetize this kind of traffic.

Second one: Give them just a little of what they want, and at the end of the video redirect them to your website to see everything. For instance, let s say you just upload a video of a kid walking on a street when a bus is coming towards him. STOP it before the end, and display the message: YOU wanna see what happens next? Visit www. Etc. com

Third one: At the end of the video, there will be like 30 seconds of background and just your URL displayed there. Why is this useful? Since at the end of the video, youtube and other websites display advertisements or related videos thumbnails. IF you just made a video trying to send your visitor to your website, and he sees those advertisements, he may be distracted. By putting a black background just with your URL on it, you assure that nothing will distract your viewer, at least for the time he is looking there.

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